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The Crypt is a dark throwback to old-school Olympia, bringing all of the counter-culture movements together in one Queer, inclusive space where everyone can appreciate different facets of the Arts: Live Music, Theater, & Comedy, while enjoying specialty cocktails and engaging in an alchemical foray into local wildcrafting and magical infusions to tantalize your senses and also your mind. We strive to be a community hub and accomplish a cozy, pink glow--a Queer-friendly sanctuary from the reality of modern society.  Come find something delicious, somewhere in the dark, comforting underbelly of the Crypt.

We specialize in hosting musical performances of genres such as metal, hardcore punk, darkwave, synth & EDM, dark alt-country & Western swing, Americana & world folk, and occasionally garage, psych, and indie.  We feature many incredible and unique local & international talents in our drag and burlesque theater shows.  Our interactive comedic gameshows and workshops are just some of the other entertainments we offer.


We have a powerful PA, featuring the following:


  • Allen Heath GL2200 board (24 channels)

  • Two 2x15 mains

  • Four 18" subs

  • Three independent monitor mixes

  • Mics: 3 SM58's, 4 SM57's, 1 Beta 52A, 1 MD421, 4 clip-on EV drum mics, various other mics

  • Two Radial DI's

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